Here we go again 🙂 Im doing the North Americans in Cleveland this time.  My diet hasn’t been the competitor type for the last month. I’ve just been eating clean, doing 1/2 hour to an hour of cardio at about 2.5 miles per hour. My abs still have some veins in them, so I am not worried I’ll look so much different as last time.  I may change up my posing just a smidge to see if I can’t make my legs appear thicker, but there really isn’t time for much else.  You can’t really change size too much when you are lean. Not that I can even change my leg size if my off season. I’ve tried everything……they are strong but not big.  We all have something genetically good and I like the cuts in the front of my legs when I flex…..but size has always been hard for me. I’ll try like crazy, but if I gain 1/8 of an inch , I’d be shocked 🙂

I think I am wearing the same suit as well.  I might break out the red flame for Miami, but I noticed my suit moves/gaps a bit in my side chest pose……so I’m a little leery with that.  I still have strong pecs, even after the implant.

Hm, what else to chat about?

I got my personal training certification with ISFTA.  I din’t think I would as I didn’t get my book so everything I had to learn happened in one day and there were a couple things on the test I had no clue about as we didn’t discuss it. Some I had to pull out of my highschool brain and that was 25 years ago.  I thought the only things I remembered from highschool was my love of parachute pants and hair bands!  Apparently, my science helped me out. I loved human biology and that was probably the one class I stayed awake in besides my art classes.

So now with my certification, I’ve decided to try to start my own business of training people at home and helping them with their nutrition as well.  I want full spectrum, not just a workout a week and nothing else. So now I am toying with ideas on how to do this.  I can go to you house, clear your cabinets, take you shopping, show you how to prep for a few days time and how to store food for quick meals so you don’t cheat. 

I’m also looking into a website that will help you do this. It will include shopping lists, diet plans, meal plans, workout photos and videos of things for home and gym…….things like that.  I believe it could work very well, but I need it to be right, so it will take some time. I currently read fitness articles daily to post on my facebook “like” page. Some of what you read online and in magazines is junk, so I choose what I think will educate and not confuse. Nothing worse than making people feel stupid to make them want to give up. 

Well , thats about it.  I’ll be in Vegas at the Olympia doing some work , so contact me if you are going to. I love to meet people 🙂


About Fern Assard

44 year old Professional Fitness Model, National Womens Physique Competitor, Mother or four...crazy food advocate fighting for a fitter, healthier America. Im passionate because I care :)

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