I get asked often for diet and workout plans, but here is the problem with it. There are many, many factors that must be taken into consideration such as :

1. Your bodyfat % &  Your Body Mass Index “BMI”: this tells me how much of you is made up of “fat” and how much of you is muscle. This will tell me if you are 50 lbs overweight from being % percent bodyfat (not possible, but bear with me) and are now at 25% and want to be in the 12% range……that tells me you have to lose at least 25-30 lbs to reach your goal. Its not an exact science…but it gives a general idea. If you have the ability to gain some muscle and muscle weighs more than fat, your weight loss numbers may not be as high. Its always ideal to try to build muscle while losing weight as a person with lean muscle mass actually uses more calories than someone with less.  You become more of a “calorie burning machine”

2.Your metabolism : If you haven’t worked out in quite some time or have been known to binge or yoyo diet, you metabolism may be quite off and sluggish.  There are 3 standard body types /genetic factors that play into this. Ectomorph: this is the person who looks lean & /or skinny who can eat all they want and not gain a lb….but sometimes have some decent lean body mass., mesomorph: this is a middle range person who has the easy ability to build some muscle, isnt technically overweight but may not have the best lean body mass due to diet and lack of exercise. & endomorph: These people put on fat easily and have to really work to keep it off. They may have some fantastic muscle mass but carry alot of bodyfat over it. 

How much weight you need/want to take off…your ‘want of muscle building’.: Do you want more muscle ? Do you not care if your physical size gets smaller or do you want to build certain areas up? For males and females, this can be quite a different idea. You can have the woman who wants to be “bikini skinny” with her idea of “toned” or a male who wants to be “ripped” with a decent amount of muscle. You have to also decide on a realistic goal contingent on how much effort you can/want to put into it.

Your heartrate while resting (RHR) : This will let me/you know what cardiac range/intensity to need to target while doing cardio to get the most “burn” for your fat loss goal. I do not want anyone trying to lose weight by doing 2 hours on a treadmill. Id rather have you do a tough 20-30 minutes  at 60-80% intensity and save the rest of that two hours for a workout that will burn more calories and help you gain some lean muscle. We want to increase your metabolism as well as your overall health.

You normal daily activity levels: So….do you have a desk job? Do you get up frequently? Is your job very active like a laborer or busy bartender that is constantly on their feet and running all night? If you have a desk job, then go home , have dinner and sit in front of the TV until bedtime…..this is not a good thing but rather common.

Your ability to visit a gym or workout at home (how often/long) Some people have children and a busy schedule, some have no obligations after their work day. How many days a week can you dedicate to exercise and for how long is going to be important. You can still reach your goals, but expect it to take longer….be patient 🙂

Your gym experience: Have you EVER worked out? Do you know proper form if I were to give you a “routine” to follow? Do you know what your “lats” are? Without proper form during an exercise you can experience injury or just not get the results you are looking for because you are doing it “wrong”. This is a MAJOR factor with online training. If you are shy or uncomfortable at the gym…running into the weight room and doing everything super fast and self conciously so you can get out as fast as possible is not conducive to a workout with results. Some of this is psychcological and we have to to work to get you past it. I did it, so can you 🙂

AND any medical conditions you may have : This part is VERY IMPORTANT. Do you have risk factors that put you in danger such as asthma, high blood pressure, cardiac issues, diabetic, hypoglycemia, bad knees, previous injuries, thyroid issues, back problems etc etc?  I have to calculate your risk factors. The plus side of exercise is some things are improved/ “cured” with exercise. Taking off extra weight and building a stronger midsection (core) improves back problems and lessens some knee problems you may have from carrying too much weight.  High blood pressure can be improved with regular exercises as well as losing weigh can reverse a weight induced form of diabetes. Diet also plays into these as well.

My overall plan is to get you to you goal and not just “hand out” a simple form letter with a schedule.  I like to educate you. I don’t like to put anyone on a “diet” and I find the word “diet” to scream “TEMPORARY!!!!”  With your education comes a knowledge of how food works on your body, things to avoid and to strip you of that “3 square meals” a day. I also don’t like to give a target calorie range. If I said 1600 calories a day, this does not intend to mean you can eat less food, but bad food and count it as your calorie intake.  It in no way means you can eat a couple decent things and end up eating 2 bags of 100 calorie “snack packs” with no nutritional value at 11pm 🙂 I believe in teaching good habits to everyone and retarining you on what good food tastes like. Long gone is the Kashi that taste like cardboard mixed with dust.  If you live near me, we can do a home visit and I can clear out your junk and take you shopping.  I know what tastes good and how to prepare it to make your life easier and even more resistant to binging. I can change your mind on what tastes good 🙂

I’m aware and you must be too, that this takes time….sometimes alot of time and you have to be patient and realistic.  Your bodytype and lifestyle plays a huge part. Your attitude and motivation does too.  Goals have to be set, such as target dates and if you fail to reach them you have to set new ones.  I have failed at goals myself. Im not asking for miracles, Im not judging you…life happens to everyone.  You cannot even walk into a store without junk food staring you down. Your family and friends may not be helpful so you will need a mentor and some support from someone who believes you can do it….but most of all YOU need to believe you can do it.



ps. I had a closing paragraph but accidently deleted it 😦


About Fern Assard

44 year old Professional Fitness Model, National Womens Physique Competitor, Mother or four...crazy food advocate fighting for a fitter, healthier America. Im passionate because I care :)

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