So I experienced my first womens physique competition as a competitor and let me just say….it had to be the most fun I ever had on stage.  I have done at least 20 figure shows in about 4 years, so being on stage was nothing new for me….but THIS was like being high. I got offstage feeling like I had just taken a leap out of an airplane. With figure it was just so different, quarter turns, model poses, high heels…I tried, but perhaps it just wasn’t me.  I got first callouts but only placed 7th so I didn’t get to do my routine, but I was so ready to do it.

The girls who placed better were bigger than me as a whole, but I still think I looked great and I felt great. I met some awesome ladies in physique as well as some female bodybuilders and the mood backstage was a good one. Sometimes you are so packed in back there its awful.  They seperated us from the other women by scheduling…so it was great to not be a sardine when getting ready. Plus Jantana had their glazing people and that helps if you are back there looking for a friend to do your back and everyone is sort of in a clique…..kind of feels like highschool all over again. Im a little shy with females…they eyeball you like they hate you sometimes when they don’t even know you. I can look at another woman and envy her shoulders, legs or hair but wouldn’t think of hating her for it.  The only thing I would hate you for is an ugly fake attitude. Ive been backstage with some real shallow princesses before…all they do is pose and brag about their material stuff. Well good luck sister cus material stuff doesnt always last and you will be left that housewife that gets cheated on with a younger woman…but you drive a nice car and live in a big house, right? Enjoy it while you can 🙂

Ok, I digress… usual.  The fl;ight was fine though I swelled in the feet and ankles a little bit. Odd because I am always low sodium.  I did a photoshoot on Friday, 2 on sunday and one on Monday….I was whupped by the time I flew home. Then my ankles really swelled on that trip. So I get home and Im standing at the baggage claim and it stops and me and a few other people are standing there waiting…only to realize that our bags never made the connecting flight as we came in late. Wonderful….at least it was my trip home!

Back to the show : Check in was mayhem on Friday, but I got checked in just fine and didnt have to compete until saturday.  The day started at 8am and I was so nervous to begin with. We went out and did 1/4 turns as a group then flowed right into our 5 mandatories without leaving the stage. Ive seen it done differently…as in doing 1/4 turns, then lining up and being called out for mandatories. Either way….doing them was fun. Then we went off and came back on individually to do a 45 second posing to house music. I was unaware of this part and thats where I probably lost a better placing. I was FIRST….had never seen it done before…so I went out and hit my 5 mandatories.  I was kind of wondering how long 45 seconds was in my head so I didnt know I had more time up there. Next time I will do it better Im sure.  Like I said, being first and never having seen it is a disadvantage.

So I was elated to get first callout and thought I was top 5 for sure. Ive never placed at a nationals so I was riding high of course.  At the night show I come back prepared to do my routine AND so we go out for introductions and they let you know if you made it when you get off the stage. I didnt make it and neither did another girl. We both thought we had done better, but there were 7 of us in the callout so we were last. Its better than being last out of 22 though.  I want to win of course, thats why I compete and I can’t lie and tell you I am happy to not be first.  Many of us compete because we have the confidance of a first place winner otherwise we wouldnt even try.   At Team Universe I was happy with 13th and 16th, but I also know my look wasn’t what they wanted and it was my last show anyway.  I had a very long run at it and it was time to move on.

My concern with physique is that the first women to place have been little like me and at this show, the girls were more like bodybuilders. Women who could do bodybuilding easily as they have more mass to be able to.  I will always be little….thats just how God made me. It will be discouraging if I have no division that suits me. Physique is to be for the ladies in between figure and bodybuilding and thats kind of what I am…so if they choose the bigger ladies…I am just stuck somewhere in between once again.

I am doing North American in Cleveland OH sept 2 and 3, then its on to Miami for Nationals in November. I have already mailed in my fees and booked a hotel and flight for Cleveland. If at first you don’t succeed………you know the drill :)Perhaps this time I will make it into top 5 and be able to do my routine ?

I hope so 🙂

God Bless




About Fern Assard

44 year old Professional Fitness Model, National Womens Physique Competitor, Mother or four...crazy food advocate fighting for a fitter, healthier America. Im passionate because I care :)

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