Well, its been a tumultuous few days pre show as usual.  I have a nice bug bite on my leg that itches like crazy, my muffler needed replacing to the tune of 700 bucks, 2 tires 300 bucks, Im out of oil for hot water, seems someone stole my hair extensions out of my luggage last time I traveled so I had to get new ones (ya, I wear them on stage for volume) and getting out of the car today the entire sole on my new shoe of 2 days fell off. I got them special for the show, something comfortable for a break on my feet between pre judging and the night show. Oh and my kitchen sink got plugged up and no one could fix it. I had 4 guys working on it, including a plumber and we got showered with stinking sludge. The roto rooter guy fixed it finally after 4 days of doiung dishes on the deck. Ya, like thats fun with 4 kids in 90 degree heat!  A few other things going on here and there as usual…..it never seems to end.

Life could be worse Im sure, but cant I have one week where something doesnt go wrong?

So, I think Im still at 122lbs.  Im going to be completely honest and say I kind of dont want to win at this show.  Sounds terrible, but here is why.  I signed on to do physique at the USA’s at the end of the month…so slim chance of me getting a pro card at this show, but in the offchance I did…….I would not be able to compete at USA’s as thats a national show and I cant compete as a pro.  I know this is putting the horse before the cart……….

If I did win, then I could always go into physique at the Olympia as Pros can cross over and still be a pro in any division.  I just feel like I might belong and do better in physique. Ive always been a “tween” at shows.  A little too muscular upper body wise, but not big enough for bodybuilding….so here is my chance.  I would love to get my pro card in this and comepte at the Olympia. A girl can dream right?

Ive been practicing posing and routine and I think I have about 4 weeks or so to go.  I might choke on stage but hey….thats what keeps me going like any other adreneline junkie I suppose.  Its not bungee jumping…but its still a rush. Worst I can do  is forget my routine …Ill wing it.

Ok, got to run.  I have to pick up my mom from the grocery store……and I still had more to write 😦


About Fern Assard

44 year old Professional Fitness Model, National Womens Physique Competitor, Mother or four...crazy food advocate fighting for a fitter, healthier America. Im passionate because I care :)

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