Im starting off by saying this has been an absolutely horrid week weather wise! It has rained and been disgustingly wet for the past week and my allergies are killing me. With that being said I would like to thank my readers for sticking by me. I did initially go through some crap years ago when I started about the things I write but I warn you now, if you are looking for sugar coating………eat a Skittles.

So I dropped a state show, the NPC Rhode island and decided to go straight to nationals…team Universe in TeaNeck, NJ.  I have never done team U and the only National level I have done is masters nationals 2 years ago. For team U I am shooting for over 35 as well as Open. The problem is the cost of doing a national level is always high. Between travel , hotel stay and entry fees of $150 per class….its a tight squeeze for many. I’m always looking for sponsors to help out.  Check in for a National show and even some of the local larger shows is sometimes a day or 2 before you compete and if you are staying in a hotel you are looking at an additional $300 or so. This one I do not even compete til saturday, but check in is early Friday so I have to be there on a Thursday night and stay until Sunday unless I want to drive back home after the night show and they run late sometime. If I have to, I have to….

Another thing is I am trying to drop about 8lbs to come in alot smaller than I have been. I try to stay “soft” and if I lose weight I worry that I will be too ripped in the upper body. I already have a ton of veins in my abs and shoulders and arms as well right now. I believe I weigh 123, but the gym scale doesn’t balance out with nothing on it, so I could be wrong. I may have to suck it up and go buy a scale, but I hate having one in the house as numbers for me can spark quite an obsession.  I aLSO CONSIDER MYSELF A SMALL PERSON ALREADY SO DROPPING ALOT OF WEIGHT (sorry hit caps lock) is going to make me like a size zero and I don’t know how I feel about that at the moment. I worked hard to get some curves and to possibly look like a little waif stick may mess with my mind too much. Ill just let it ride and see what happens.

The Cutler Classic went well. I placed 4th in masters over 35 and 5th in open. Of course I always shoot for a win, but it was a huge class and I didnt go home empty handed…for this I will keep any hemmin and hawin to myself :0  I like the show, like how it is run…competitors are always friendly and check in is not until 10am day of show….PRICELESS!

As far as food right now…Im all over the place to be honest. I am doing my cardio but it’s been tough as I take my older kids with me and after I workout, would like to jump to an hour but I always have someone nagging me to leave after 20 minutes. I like to get in some sort of bodypart before cardio so this makes for a long visit and so it is often cut short. Also with the weather the way it is, the gym was so unbelievable steamy last night so I was happy to leave early to be honest. I have my treadmill at home, but you know how that goes…we often walk right past them to go watch Netflix or screw around on facebook or the kids want something and you have to stop after 5 minutes!!!  Mine is outside my room here in the basement. Its cold and gummy and dark out there…yuk….even more reason to avoid it.   Back to the food…  I eat alot of romaine lettuce mixed with boiled eggs, brown rice, chciken, ground turkey, eggs and veggies.  I sometimes gauge my nutrients by the way my hair feels believe it or not and add in some fats like peanut butter. My training/eating methods are unorthodox to say the least.  I know I need to pre plan and pre set meals for storage as I only have 8 weeks left to drop the weight I want. I usually compete at 122-124 so this is going to be a huge weight reduction for me.

Well I am starving right now so I am going to go grab some oatmeal and start my day.

take care



About Fern Assard

44 year old Professional Fitness Model, National Womens Physique Competitor, Mother or four...crazy food advocate fighting for a fitter, healthier America. Im passionate because I care :)

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