I get alot of questions regarding breast implants and such and I have my own obviously, but get several opinions of course.

Im blogging this tonight as one of mine has been bugging me and actually both seem to be parting like the red sea. My issue was not enough natural tissue. Some people says its because I am lean, but I never got any. Other girls hit 15 and BAM….I hit 15 and……..nothing, nada, God passed me over or I was holding the dorr when they were passing them out and they ran out when it was my turn.  Of course I had them when pregnant and they got pretty damn nice while breastfeeding, but thats usually only til things get regulated and they occassional “no time to pump while at work” moments.  And yes, I made copious amounts of milk, even the doctor said so. Nope, size is not a problem when it comes to milk production. I was a milk machine 4 times over. The best thing I can say about having no boobs is that they never got saggy. They never looked like 2 oxygen tanks when I was bending over nekked. Blessing in disguise.

Now implants are tricky. Do you have enough sag free tissue or do you also need a lift? Can you go under the muscle? I wouldn’t if you work out. Saline outside the muscle unless filled to tennis ball hard capacity to avoid ripples or use silicone which have no ripples yet can say due to the weight and should have a yearly mamogram with ?

Mine are saline under the pec. I was concerned with the sheer thickness of my pecs. They were spectacular in their own right, but I wanted boobs, I was cleavage, I wanted to get what I was robbed of………what defines a girl into becoming a woman…….hooters 🙂 I won’t lie. I was self concious and felt like I never hit puberty. I cant say this is a huge issue with men, some dont give a crap and some make comments about what you are lacking.  Yes, it affects your head, of course it does,. I’d equate it to everyone else having a nose and walking around noticing everyone has a nose but you. I could and would have settled for a sexy natural perky B cup! What I had I could even wear a padded bra for because it was like sudden bumps on a boney chest.

So now whats my complaint? Discomfort on one side and a phobia of waking up and not being able to put my arms down because suddenly there is a 450cc boob in one of my arm pits.  I barely do chest, dont do dips, bench press or any heavy chest exercises. I tone upper chest with pec flies and standing crossovers targeting upper only.

  I didnt want some of the complications of going over the muscle and I chose under knowing I would sacrifice my “pecs”.   So now I am faced with this problem even without training chest. Lets just say it like having a softball implanted in your quad then being asked to do leg extensions….make sense? It hurts dammit. So please do not ask me what I bench…..I know obese men who can bench alot….it doesnt define anyone really as far  and health goes.

Perhaps under the muscle would be more suited for some one who doesnt already have developed pectoral muscles. I explained it all to my doctor, plus I sweat they fully detached all my serratus while expanding the implants. They are now smaller due to my pec shrinkage, etc etc.

So now what? Hm, Im not sure. I think I need to go back and discuss other options. A prosthesis of any kind is a crapshoot. Whether its teeth, a fake arm, a face nose or ear…its really hard to make them look “natural”. Its usually easy for a female to spot a boob job, but men have been spoon fed fake boobs for years and they cant always tell whats real and what isn’t. I get asked “are they real” by men.  My response is usually quite frank because I think they deserve the ignorance pointed out and I say “Hell no, Im 42 with 4 kids, if they were real they would now look like an orage being carried around in n old gym sock”.  They usually get the message and I just made them look stupid instead of their hope of shock or something from me.

As I was saying, over the muscle can be horrendous as well. Ive seen many implants since competing…backstage is a perverts wet dream.  I was shocked to see women whipping tops off at first, but you get used to it. Ive done shoots with 8 people in the room, male and female….after awhile and when the camera starts clicking…you start working, not thinking about your boobs. Ie seen some fabulous fake breasts but most were on women with some nice cushiony bodyfat and I dont have that option. I think my weight was in the 130s at 5’2″ and that is not where I gain bodyfat….at ALL.  So seeing other competitors bending over  while lean has shown me the ugly side of over the muscle on a lean chest. The sagging, the ripples, the dents, one slipping lower than the other…..so many on implant411 website while shopping that they all start looking like frogs bubble eyes looking out at you on headless torsos……….it so much info to take in.

Do I feel sexier with them? yes. More confidant?yes More female? yes…….do I love them all the time? Nope.  I have no cleavage and no bra can keep them together and my pecs are still so strong they flatten in photos when I put weight on my arms and my chest flexes.

Every body is different, we all want things to look real for the most part, but they are “fake” afterall. I do recommend you try to become as fit as possible before making a decision. To know what will be right for you. Its a major decision and I got mine at age 40. Im glad I waited as I may have gone for other things on my body as well as I was skinny fat. maybe some lipo, a tummy tuck…maybe end up botched and disfigured like Tara Reid has been. Who knows?

So I sit here still undecided on what to do with this issue. I dont want GIANT HOOTERS.  I want something that works with my fitness lifestyle. My other phobia in “uni-boob”, this is when the breasts seem to be connected due to a detachment of the chest wall. I fear this with over the muscle.

Hopefully we all get what makes us feel better in the end 🙂


About Fern Assard

44 year old Professional Fitness Model, National Womens Physique Competitor, Mother or four...crazy food advocate fighting for a fitter, healthier America. Im passionate because I care :)

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