Allrighty, today was all beef, supposed to be all beef and protein shakes, but Im trying to cut calories, so I skipped the shake. I may have one later on. I got a good deal on these little steaks so I just pop one in the microwave much to any onlookers horror…regarding microwaved meat. It doesnt bother me to microwave and I know if I put it on the stove top then I will have to use some kind of oil or fire up the grill when it hasnt been used yet this year…nah! The steaks are about 3 inches across and I put them on for 2 minutes and leave the center pretty raw. Sorry vegetarians, I’m an obvious omnivore 🙂

My back/glute is still tweaked so I went in for a Thai massage. She literally stood on my glutes and it was a bit scary but Im a tough case and need a tough massage. She stretched me, she rolled my muscles, cracked my toes and it was great. Im still a little tweaked but I need to heal and dont expect an instant “cure”.

After that I had an appointment about 40 minutes away and on the way to both my brain is firing away and Im remembering that I forgot to eat. Totally distracted day for me. A friend got ahold of the suit lady and I am supposed to have it by the 14th, we will see about that and no, I will not be content til it is in my hand.  You must understand that competitors are always a bit freaky about having all their ducks in a row before a competition. I have done this numerous times and still I write out my checklist.  Today was also more tanning and I just did my roots myself. Black has to be done a few days ahead of time and I need time to make sure the stains on my ears and forehead have time to fade. Im sometimes a little messy doing it myself. Im sure Ill go in the bathroom and find some on the floor turned purple like my tub.

Next up is mani and pedi. I always do french and have real nails of which are not terribly long right now. I broke one awhile ago and had a fake once of which totally grosses me out so I needed to cut the others to match. Ill probably get this done tomorrow. But another pothole is my 10 year old lost a filling today and now I have to get him to the dentist asap. Poor kid had strep and scarlet fever as a baby and it affected all the enamel on his baby teeth. 4 kids and of course one has to be a dental nightmare, right? Im sure something else will go wrong over the next four days so prepare to hear about it.  After that I have to just make an appointment for my custom spray guy. I never go to the booth people or use anyone else. Eric from Sunsation has been spraying women for over 20 years and it took him a visit to a show to understand how dark we have to be. After he sprays me I wear it for about 6 hours, then rinse with no soaps or lotions. Sometimes I add a coat of jan Tana  the night before but the new formula doesnt really need it. 2 coats of the new stuff and I think you are dark enough. I have seen women almost black but I dont ever go that far. I may go a little darker seeing as my hair isnt platnum anymore and wont look so freaky, but Im not sure. This look is new to me….plus I still have green eyes so it may still look a little odd.  I remember reading about how other women would put several coats on during the week and not shower… way I am doing that!  OMG you stink so bad and I have to be freshly shaven. Im not a waxer, never have been. God bless if you can go long enough in between to get re waxed. it takes me 2 minutes to shave, no biggie. Ive tried other products but the jan tana is the best and I dont use the dream tan cream anymore either. Its just so damn messy and gets on everything, including your suit. We are not supposed to use oils, but many women do not listen and use glaze….there is a grey area here with rules depending on your organization. ive never seen anyone kicked out for breaking the rules, but I always follow them myself.

What else? Still super hydrating. I felt great last night. The water is really taking away some fat. I start cutting my water tomorrow. Ill stop when I see what I want to see and I usually still drink coffee as its a diuretic. Tomorrow I also switch to chicken and brown rice…..whoopie, the most boring meal on the planet for 3 days!!!

Ok, time to fly and dry my hair.



About Fern Assard

44 year old Professional Fitness Model, National Womens Physique Competitor, Mother or four...crazy food advocate fighting for a fitter, healthier America. Im passionate because I care :)

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