Only 9 left until I make my WBFF debut. Im pretty nervous but I havent competed in 10 months or so and I think thats why I am. Other than that I feel pretty good. I started drinking extra water and tomorrow I really start my waterload. I want to be a tad leaner in the legs and this helps me flush out excess and then see if I want to do a little dehydration to push myself a little leaner. Ill be honest and admit I drink coffee before my show….no way I am going into that kind of stress without my morning coffee. Im too set in my ways for that. I used to do everything by the book and now have learned that it isnt worth it if you dont place anyway…love my look or hate my look. proverbial crapshoot like I always say.

This will also be my 5th year at the gym. You know I still get alot of people wondering how a female gained so  much muscle, but damn, it has been 5 years and I figured if I went 300 days a yer to the gym…then I more than likely have been to the gym 1,500 hundred times. Probably more seeing as I sometimes went twice a day last summer due to sheer boredom. You get some people screaming steroids, but how many times have they been to a gym in the last 5 years and do they just flat bench when they are there? I eat right and dont cheat too much and when i do cheat, its not like other peoples cheats. Cheating for me is a bowl of mac and cheese when my kids have it or a taco salad if I am feeling crazy. I may eat 1/2 a pizza but its not cus Im a food freak, Im just not a fan of pizza and never have been. I dont like greasy or salty much anymore and this helps too. One of the best things is my 10 year old asked for ground turkey and brown rice for dinner last night. All the kids ate it and loved it….I made 3 lbs of ground turkey!!! See, kids will eat healthy if you train them right 🙂

Now also, this is my 4th year competing and yes, I bitch about the changes in figure…but you must understand that the figure I fell in love with no longer exists and yes, this bothers me. Its like saving up for a beautiful dress and suddenly its discontinued when you finally get enough money for it. I liked Monica and Ginas look…they got jacked and still looked “streamlined” and not bulky. Glittery and glam and supertan…was something I wanted.  Well now they are cutting out female bodybuilding from competitions….I never felt big enough to go into it even if they had lightweight. I didnt want to step on stage with my little legs and knew that you really would get your ass whupped if you went nationals with some of the ladies who were 5′ tall and in your weight class who were able to obtain mass when I couldnt. So that was a dead end for me there.  Now with the introduction of the new womens physique division I am truly intrigued. The rules can be found on but you know things will be modified as it is a new class and things change as they go like anything else. Thus far we are looking at 5 mandatory poses. front double bi,back double bi, abdominal thigh, side bicep and side tri. All open handed , no flat foot and no heels. a 60 second posing routine to house music is my biggest concern here, not knowing my music and learning a routine….how would I keep to tempo? The womens physique overseas in Brazil and such wears heels and is a little racier with thongs. THank God no thongs here!!! Thats a little too on stage naked for me. Ill do photos in a thong, but thats not in front of people in an audience with the possibility of gibbly bits hanging out and my kids in the audience……

But the new division was just announced and Im going to wait to see how the kinks are worked out. No graininess, no hardness, no overt leanness…any reference to BULK and you are out. I admit I like getting lean and feel I have to being my age and after kids, thicker waisted than I want to be on stage and the only way to pare it down is to get leaner. They kind of said it was like being a month out from a show kind of body and its an open class. Hopefully this will change to a weight class when there are more competitors. I cant imagine being on stage next to someone 6 inches taller with 50lbs over me. Lots of time, its all about who you are standing next to and I know Im a peanut in real life and often people comment on how little we are when they meet us in person.

Anyway, got to run. 1/2 a gallon of water and Im all bathroom every 20 minutes.


About Fern Assard

44 year old Professional Fitness Model, National Womens Physique Competitor, Mother or four...crazy food advocate fighting for a fitter, healthier America. Im passionate because I care :)

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