So I decided to go with the WBFF for my debut show. This is in no way a slight to the NPC. I just like to expand my horizons and then I can share what I learned and then share with anyone who asks. The decision is totally unpolitical in any way.


So, Im happy with my current condition but that doesnt mean much really. Ive been leaner, Ive been softer, so I just have to be whatever and hope for the best. I did a radio interview with the promoter Brian Cannone and Sebastian for the Fitness Atlantic and had a great time. As I told them, winning or losing doesnt define me as being successful. I keep plodding along regardless. Sure there have been times I was totally pissed at losing when I liked my body better, but also times when I saw other women and was like “holy crow, she is going to smoke me”.  I did a big show in which I was last callouts with other women who I saw and thought would surely smoke me and was thinking “are they doing judging from worst to best?”. Not speaking to be mean, but I honestly believed they had the best bodies of the bunch and were all AFTER me. I thought the same at the Jay Cutler when I won. I was one of the smallest in the group and was in awe at all the great legs on stage with me. So you NEVER know :0


In my journey of 20 shows , give or take I have only won 2. does that make  me a less successful model, blogger or fitness advisor? Nope. I actually had a pro card with FAME/WNSO at one time in fitness modeling and my ultimate goal is not a pro card. I like to compete and a pro card would kind of limit me more in the way of shows. I wouldnt turn one down, but ultimately…its not a key to the city so to speak.  Ive gotten free supplies and supplements from writing, gone to the Arnold and worked for Gaspari, competed in some of the biggest shows out there and have done modeling all over and gotten paid for it…not to mention all the.  This is certainly a tough business to get in to. Most of us will only ever get as high as nationals and there is nothing wrong that at all. I have met tons of great people in my travels…this is all priceless stuff. Im not monetarily rich from any of it….just rich in experience.


A great friend and I are combining our brains and our knowledge and experience to open a new kind of fitness studio. I cannot give all the details at this time, but good things are coming!!!


Im going to post a photo of my current condition if I can upload one. Im waiting on a second suit and am freaking because the one I have is a smidge tight and I wanted the 2nd option if I dont want to be leaner or if I am holding water. the women who made it has not responded to my email after I paid the balance so I am a little worried :(


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44 year old Professional Fitness Model, National Womens Physique Competitor, Mother or four...crazy food advocate fighting for a fitter, healthier America. Im passionate because I care :)

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