Ok, so I got a new HD video camera today and tried it out. The video is crappy, but you can see my conditioning so much better so i will post it on this blog. Im pretty lean, but have been leaner and with 2 weeks to go I have to be careful not to go too far.  Im just going to continue doing my fast high rep sets and see where it leads me.  the problem is if I go for leaner legs I may lose volume in the shoulders and come in bodybuilder shredded up there just for a little bit of quad seperation.  Ive been placed lower than a curvy girl and then a super lean stick…so who the Hell knows? My real goal is to look good and hopefully not lose my femininity and basically be muscle barbie in 5 inch clear heels and a glittery suit. If that brings me a trophy, Ill be happy. If I dont place and walk off stage and people in the crowd ask for photos with me….that makes me a winner 🙂

Todays food wasnt bad. I ate eggs and I just had a meal of cod, brown rice and corn. I ate light all day with the eggs and yes I eat the yolks. I never totally skip fats…good fats are essential and I sometimes feel the “need” for them and eat a huge spoonful of peanut butter to quench that need. Our brains do tell us when we need stuff, we just have to learn to listen. We still have the same primal brains that we did a thousand years ago!

I didnt train today or yesterday because I felt a little run down. Its been a terrible winter for training as well and its so dark and cold and dreary. Im sure fitness is easier in the south than in the north. Waking up to sunshine has to improve the mood, but I live in Connectict and it rains alot…so depressing.  I have been tanning 3 times and hopefully that will help a bit with my energy levels. I do intend to go all weekend as well and can spend extra time there as well. I have been behaving and not going out much either.  being lean and drinking a glass of wine can be really hard on me the next day, plus last time I woke with a bad headache.

Ill probably hit up legs tomorrow again. I just did them the other day but I think I can try to get them leaner with some 1/2 rep sets to really squeeze them out.

I also didnt get an email about the gold suit either. I paid for it and Im not sure whats going on. perhaps she is just busy and hasnt had time to check emails. I hope sooooooooo…………..


About Fern Assard

44 year old Professional Fitness Model, National Womens Physique Competitor, Mother or four...crazy food advocate fighting for a fitter, healthier America. Im passionate because I care :)

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