I did an interview with http://www.ftns.co fitness radio and it was a great time!!!  I get a little passionate and just start running at the mouth as I have soooo much in my brain to share.  Hell yes I a bit of a fitness nazi but if you knew how easy you could change your world with just some modifications in diet and exercises, you would be thouroughly elightened and feel the same as I do. Maybe from dealing with kids most of my life I have discovered ways of making words and learning simplae instead of micros & macros and counting calories and all the other confusion that is like looking at 100 bottles of conditioner and wantng to leave the store without cus there are too many choices!!!

So today i honestly started the day badly.  So carb depleted and cranky, woke up hungry, one kid missed the bus, the other didnt want to get up…Tv’s and computers left on, dishes in the sink and laundry up to the eyeballs.  Im waiting to hear about a suit I want to wear and need in less than 2 weeks, Im waiting on a video camera I ordered, the weather was terrible…then I had a sick yet active 3 year old dropped off because he couldnt go to daycare…all in all STRESS. ya, like I need the added cortisol to keep on some bellyfat!!!! BUT this is a typical day in the life of ME.  Oh and I did my taxes….yay for refunds and earned income credits for having so many kids 🙂

My diet was way off today because of it. then I had to go with my daughter to get her old tattoo botch job fixed and that took 2 hours. Idiot me should have eaten first, but I blew it big time. When you are “dialing in” you become famished every 2 hours and its painful to be hungry…like a huge hollow gnawing feeling. This did ot add to my mood, let me warn you.

I did finish up with the radio interview and the guys had me laughing from the beginning. When I talk I often remember why I hat I do, why I push this fitness life and why I compete….I do it to TEACH. yes, I benefit from being a mini celebrity of sorts, but if I am not going to use it for greater good….then its a waste. In the book the Secret of which I only skimmed through I came upon a section that talked about you being the proverbial cup….1/2 empty, half full?  Well this cup was neither, but spilling over instead. It spoke of filling yourself to the point of spilling over and the spilled amount was to wash over and benefit others. This much I firmly believe in.  If you are unhappy and living the life of the cup half full, well it spills onto no one.  Yes I had a normal job, yes I was home with the kids every night…………but I was also laying on the couch setting a bad example of life for them. how could a child respect a parent who so obviously didnt respect themself?  Things are still a little crazy and half assed around my house butIm much nicer to them and they do respect me more, even are proud rather than embarrassed by me.

So today was a roller coaster and tomorrow is another day to start fresh. yes I am freaking about the show but I have to keep in my mind that 5 people on a judges panel do not define me or  validate me. yes I want to win, who doesnt?  And very rarely will you get a female who will admit to this because she doesnt want to sound like a jealous bad sport if she loses……..its OK to not be happy with losing. Im still me if I lose, I like the way I look and I have had some amazing life experience without having a pro card that everyone seems to need so badly. ladies, the pro card is not a key to the city.  I love competing, I teach when I share my journey, I lea something new to share and I can do 5 or 6 shows a year. I think a pro card is a nice goal, but you certainly are not over career wise without one. face it, not many are given and for most of us…nationals is as high as we get.  Id rather see it as how many ladies on the planet get on a stage and do this…(without a pole!) NOT many…so be proud of that!

Okay, gonna go. I have some beef calling my name 🙂


About Fern Assard

44 year old Professional Fitness Model, National Womens Physique Competitor, Mother or four...crazy food advocate fighting for a fitter, healthier America. Im passionate because I care :)

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