I woke up and was pretty happy with my look being a little less than 3 weeks out. I’m not totally happy with the water on the back of my legs, but it is what it is at the moment. That can be controlled later on anyway. Im trying not to get crazy, but we all freak a little right about now. You feel like time is closing in and moving fast and you won’t be ready…BUT seeing as what ready is…is indeed a crapshoot…so come hell or high water, I’m still competing. This is my 4th season of competition and I have gone this long in between show.  It will have been since July , so about 9 months. I was going to do another show after July, but it just didn’t happen and life happened instead.

So here I sit, got A LITTLE earache from my cold, though it could be my TMJ issue of which the disk slips and I get pain that gets confused with my ear. My back is twanging a little and I know that this gets worse as I get tensed and a little stressed. When I had expendable cash I would splurge on a theraputic sports massage. Im not talking one of those nice calming massages…………im talking the fingers digging out the knots in the lat and upper back. She even did in my armpit and across my abs because with my scoliosis and 1 shoulder being higher than the other I do have a tendancy to get “out of wack”. I’ll just keep stretching i guess. Its a serious pain in the ass too because its right where a bra elastic goes so I can’t wear one or I get this burning sensation in my back.  I have it right now from my stretchy gym tank top. I really need stuff that goes below the lat area because the compression is horrid even with this.

Enough of that, no whining allowed.  I trained legs today. I felt strong but despite that I trained light. I mean really light, but with mass reps. Even the leg extensions…here is what I do. I set the seat all the way back and slide down until there is a huge gap behind me. If it is available, I take one of the hard pads and put it in the space behind my back. So before I even start to extend my legs, the starting point has full tension on my legs I am almost laying down at this point) So, even doing 35 lbs for 25 reps starts to make my legs scream. I envision the excess water being squeezed out and every contraction. I know it sounds a little nuts, but I think visualization helps alot. the mind really is a powerful things as even with minimal cardio and not the best diet…my body still gets leaner. Weird but true. I do this with almost every exercise, either slow and squeezing or fast to get a pump. Slow is great for legs and pump seems to work better for upper body. What I am trying to do is keep things toned and tight. I have “droop” phobia because yes….your ass gets a little lower at comp time. Mine tends to be one of the bigger ones on stage and I was once told to tighten it up, but thats comparing it to chicks with no ass at all!! I worked hard to get it, no way I want to see it disappear. Yes, I am a competitor, but I am also a fit  24/7/365 person.  I do about 5 shows and too much dieting will make your hair and skin disgusting and you will end up looking even older and whats the point of that? I don’t stay in shape so i can look older…..quite the opposite 😉

Im rambling again, blame it on the fatburners.  I get asked about which ones I take, but most are the same.  Green tea,African herbs, caffeine ,etc etc.  Some make you jumpy and skin crawly, some do not.  The one I liked most was taken off the market, so I am exploring others at this time.  I don’t really reccomend them without a great diet because either you will eat too little because they also control appetite and you must first lean how to eat anyway.  Try food modification first, then decide if you need extra help.  We all feel like we are starving in the beginning of a new way of eating anyway.  I usually only take a morning dose, skipping the one for mid afternoon.  Sometimes they work too well and Im not hungry at all, thats not good.

What else?My father is in the hospital and I got a turtle. It was the kids idea…I swear.  As for my father, he is in and out pretty often with pneumonia.  He has mesothelioma from asbestos in the navy and after 50 years that stuff is rearing it’s ugly head 😦  But on a good note, he isn’t too bad this time.

Ok, I have to run.  I have no photos today, but I look the same as yesterday pretty much.  Though I did go tanning and wore shorts today for the first time this year. I like to expose the bodypart I am training so I can critique myself in every damn mirror in the gym.  We are harder on ourselves than anyone else really.

Well, have to run and eat. Oh today i bought Cod, Shrimp, Ahi tuna, lettuce, dressing, brown rice, whole grain pasta and some Bok Choy.  Yes, weird stuff, but but all good for you. I needed some good protein sources for quick meals and I just love Bok choy.  If you have never tried it, get on it…its yummy and I believe a great source of calcium?

happy Tuesday



About Fern Assard

44 year old Professional Fitness Model, National Womens Physique Competitor, Mother or four...crazy food advocate fighting for a fitter, healthier America. Im passionate because I care :)

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