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My “cheats” are probably not like some other peoples cheats. After going out with my sister and meeting up with some family members (and 3 glasses of wine) we of course had the evening munchies. This is part of the reason I have been staying home pre contest to be honest. Well, we went over to Bobby’s Burger Palace and I chowed down a turkey burger and had some massive onion rings. I figure I was due for some fats anyway as I can usually feel the need for fats in my skin and hair. I don’t feel too much guilt really. It tasted great and I had fun with my brother and sister.

Today I am back into comp mode, did 20 of cardio a bit ago and am eating how I am supposed to eat. I often get asked why I don’t do sweet potatoes like other competitors…well, before my 1st show I tried doing chicken and sweet potatoes and got violently ill. I even tried to hold my nose and get the sweet potatoes down like swallowing a pill, but after getting sick on something….the body revolts. Now I do my chicken and rice but it works for me. I won the Jay Cutler masters after carbing up on cheese tortellinis to be honest. My only issue is “carb belly” so i have to be careful how much I take it as you don’t want to walk on stage and have your belly hit the X before your feet do.

I could run over and train but i woke up late with a massive headache. It was more sinus related than drinking related and being lean doesnt help with hydration. Its harder for me to hold hydration when I am lean and I have to be careful and do a skin check on the back of my hand. If you pinch it and it is slow to rebound, you have some dehydration going on. You learn things as you go along doing this year after year, especially if you have no trainer to ask questions. My team consists of me, myself & I……oh yeah and GOOGLE 🙂

I also started tanning 2 days ago, did I mention that? I have to get a decent base tan so the jan tana blends on me better than if I were pasty white to start with. Its my least favorite thing to have to do when competing. Im a bit of a skin freak and to stand in the booth knowing I may be creating wrinkles kills me .  I then become moisturizer queen from sheer paranoia.

Well I think I am going to go eat a meal (chicken and brown rice) and do some more cardio, perhaps another 20. Im also putting up these pics I took yesterday in my basement after cardio 🙂


About Fern Assard

44 year old Professional Fitness Model, National Womens Physique Competitor, Mother or four...crazy food advocate fighting for a fitter, healthier America. Im passionate because I care :)

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  1. FernAssard says:

    Excuse the random images. Im still learning how to navigate this blog 🙂

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